We ship artwork within the Czech Republic via TopTrans or DHL. It is also possible to pick up your order personally at our premises.

We offer free, personal home-delivery for customers in Prague and surrounding areas (up to 50km) at no cost.

Customers from a greater distance or from abroad who also wish us to deliver their artwork personally we kindly ask to contact us. This service shall be paid by the customer. Its price is calculated according to the estimated costs associated with the service.


Postage is free within the Czech Republic.
Gallery reserves the right to choose in this case, the carrier itself. 
Delivery to countries inside European Union and outside European Union is paid by customer. The system offers courier services DHL and Top Trans.
Customers outside European Union are responsible for any potentional customs fee or import duties applicable in the destination coumtry.  


Once the artwork is available to us, it will be delivered by courier:

Czech Republic:

Courier service Top Trans:  1-2 working days
Courier service DHL:          1-2 working days

EU countries:

Courier service Top Trans:  2-7 working days
Courier service DHL:          1-5 working days


Countries outside EU:

Courier service Top Trans: 
Russian federation
Moscow2-3 days
Petersburg2-3 days

Kiev 2-3 days

other countries outside EU will be discussed individually according to courier service proposal.

Please pay attention to this information:

In some cases, the artwork is located abroad. Then the shipment may be extended to 2-3 weeks. This applies to cases when the ordered work has to be transported from a distant country.

 Artwork is sent after fll pyment is received.

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