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The Art cz Gallery was established as the natural extension of the many years of exposure of its owner Bohdana Klatilova in the sphere of doll art. The owner herself is the author of a number of art dolls and has acquired many awards on the international art scene. She owns a creative center which includes the first school of doll art.

In the Czech art scene, she is also presented as performance director of the international exhibition Doll Prague, which is unique in Bohemia. Thanks to her many years of work, she has established very close contacts with the well-known personalities of the "doll world" and both with top artists and collectors or gallery owners. These contacts hail from many different European countries, Eastern countries and also from overseas, especially from the U.S. In domestic Czech production, Art cz Gallery focuses on traditional artistic creation - creative art dolls and puppets made of wood.

The main objective of Art cz Gallery is to offer to all those interested in the art of dolls a broad portfolio of artistic production of top artists from both the West and the East. Art cz Gallery's advantage is not only the possibility of a smooth connection between two worlds, but also a safe purchase, one hundred percent guaranteed of authenticity, an easy way to communicate and stability of current selling prices.

Art cz Gallery focuses primarily on a high-quality selection and a professional approach to the customer. We want our clients to be one hundred percent sure that they are getting a good investment.

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Art - Bohdana Klátilová
Business - Mirek Klátil
Marketing - Kuba Bareš


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