RAISA - Michael Zajkov

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Michael Zajkov - phenomenon of the présent time, living legend of doll art. His works are realistic, bringing the image of the last period of Czarist Russi

Michael Zajkov - phenomenon of the présent time, living legend of doll art. His works are realistic, bringing the image of the last period of Czarist Russia. Young girls and ladies are not undercut contrived, on the contrary they show the reality of the human being and its character with a changeable moods ... behind every face, it is possible to find a new story.

hand-painted with acrylic paint and pastel
hair - hand-made, natural mohair
costume - antique lace, natural substances,
In a single copy creates Irina Kuziomina
shoes - handmade soft leather (Mikhail Zaykov)
size: 58 cm

3000 EUR

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