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Author: Sacharova Oksana

Beautiful porcelain doll with 13 articulations by Oksana Sacharova is a gentle reminder of the 20's of the last century. It was made based on a real girl - a dancer from Ziegfeld Girls - phenomenon of the New York Broadway, which captivated all of the US. The doll measures 56 cm a and it can change position. K její výbavě patří šperky, krajkové spodní prádlo, punčochy, šaty a čelenka, také nádherně vypracované taneční střevíčky na podpatku.

Russian Federation

Lúthien the elven princess

Author: Speciální nabídka

TANYA BUCKLEY MARRIOTT Lúthien is an elven princess from JRR Tolkien's book The Silmarillion, which defines the world of The Lord of the Rings. Lúthien fell in love with Beren - a human being. He and Beren set out to find the Silmaril jewel from the crown of Morgoth. The elven princess went on an expedition to prove to her father that the love between her and Beren was real. OOAK

New Zealand

Little Betty - Eva Hodinková

Author: Hodinková Hellerová Eva

Wooden doll with a soul ... The combination of art and carving tradition created this wooden doll in wood clothes. The magic of wooden dolls is that the more you touch this wooden material, the more beautiful and more connected with it you are ... The doll is made entirely by hand in a single copy - OOAK material: linden, silk with wool height: 42 cm 


Jicky - E.J. Taylor

Author: Taylor E. J.

Size: 58 cm

Jicky is yet the last piece of the author's creation now. Jicky is conceived as a puppet, as demonstrated on the hands. Furthermore, it is already a topic, very typical of the author, namely an aging clown who knows a lot about life. Again, the great combination of colors and fabrics gives the artist a genius. 51 + 9 cm


Walking with Dog - Dashi Namdakov Family

Author: Speciální nabídka

Material: Wood carving; paperclay, modeling; metal wire acrylic paints; yak hair, hand weaving, tinting and coloring; textiles, hand sewing, hand embroidery, beading, lace decoration, applique; genuine leather, stratification, coloring; plastic turning. Size: 44x9x11 cm Edition: 1/8


Snowdrop - Natalia Pobedina

Author: Pobedina Natalia

Do you love old France? Do you admire Vercaille? Then, you will definitely admire this beautiful collectible doll from Natalia Pobedina, which is precisely in this style ... Snowdrop - slightly lost in soft snow, but already full of life, to proclaim the early spring - the period of the awakening of spring. Her perfect costume allows you to place it in any interior and author's name will ensure recognition of experts.- Made in a single copy -OOAK- Material: Flumo (cold porcelain), artistic paperclay, silk- Height 57 cm