DVD - Paperclay Dolls

Author: Annadan

Master klasses on DVD gives you the opportunity to learn and work according to your own pace and eventually again and again to return to some of its passages according to your needs. This is the main advantage of master classes on DVD. 
Petr Pinchuk finally released his first DVD with a master class. A wealth of information, interesting music and above all a great voice guidance. Master Class is led step by step to the goal of creating an amazing doll lamplighter. Peter will share with you his secrets and show you how he creates a work protected by copyright law and also how to combine a variety of materials. You will go through the stage of shaping the doll's face, creating complex frameworks for dolls made from Paperclay. You will learn painting in the style of Antique, making the surface older and paint an eye. You will make two variants of great hats and very unusual doll dress. Peter will show you his working methods with leather and embossing, he will teach you a combination of interesting textures and decorations. This first master class opens the series of dvd's copyright of paperclay dolls.
Language: Russian

CZK 3,360.00